How to Remove a Glass Door From Andersen Sliding Glass Doors

When moving large pieces of furniture into the home, sometimes it is necessary to bring the furniture in through the sliding glass doors. However, there are some larger pieces of furniture that require even more room than an open sliding glass door provides. Andersen-brand sliding glass doors offer the versatility of removing both door panels if necessary. Removing an Andersen sliding glass door requires the assistance of a helper. The glass door panels are heavy, and help is necessary to move them safely from the patio door frame to an out-of-the-way area.

Stand inside the room and close the Andersen sliding glass door panel. Lock the door and ask a friend to hold the top of the door. This helps prevent the top of the door from swinging inward as you disassemble the header stop.

Remove the screws securing the header stop to the top of the door frame with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The header stop is the piece of trim on the top of the door frame that sits in front of the sliding panel. Lower the header stop from the door frame and set it aside.

Unlock the sliding glass door panel and open the door halfway. Allow the top of the door panel to swing inward slightly, enough to clear the upper frame.

Ask you helper to hold one side of the door panel while you hold the other side. Lift the door panel up and out of the lower track. Carry the door panel with the assistance of your helper out of the room and place it on a flat surface.

Remove the screws securing the bottom sill to the stationary panel with the screwdriver. Ask your friend to hold the stationary panel as you remove the screws securing the top corner bracket.

Slide the stationary panel to the middle of the door frame. With the assistance of your helper, lift the stationary panel up into the upper track and pull the bottom of the panel toward you. Pull the panel away from the opening and set it on a flat surface out of the way.

Things You'll Need

  • Helper
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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