How to Replace the Wheels on a Samsonite With Inline Skates

Updated March 28, 2017

Samsonite luggage comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Among the company offerings are wheeled luggage and bags designed to roll through airports and busy hotel lobbies. The luggage wheels on some of the company's bags are made from the same material as inline skate wheels--polyurethane. Samsonite luggage may be retrofit with inline skate wheels, provided the wheel size is the same as the Samsonite luggage wheel. Use a tape measure or simply hold the wheels next to each other to determine the correct size.

Place the Samsonite bag on the ground and upside down to expose the wheels. Insert the 4mm hex wrench into the wheel housing screws and turn counterclockwise to remove the screws and wheels.

Wipe out the housings of any gunk or debris. Pull the retaining rods out of the old Samsonite wheels and insert them into the replacement inline skate wheels.

Slide the inline skate wheels into the luggage housing--where the old wheels were removed--and insert the attachment screws into the housing. Turn the screws clockwise to tighten. Use the 4mm hex screws.

Things You'll Need

  • 4mm hex wrench
  • Replacement In-line wheels
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