How to Wrap Your Body in Plastic Wrap

Updated February 21, 2017

Wrapping your body in plastic --- often referred to as "body wrapping" -- is a common practice at many spas and in many homes. By wrapping yourself in plastic, you can temporarily hide cellulite, moisturise your skin and look thinner. Keep in mind that the effects of the body wrap are purely temporary and there are some mild risks involved in the procedure. Remaining under the wrap too long can raise your body temperature to an unhealthy level and reduced circulation. If you feel uncomfortable, unwrap yourself immediately.

Take a shower and wash yourself thoroughly with a course cloth to remove dirt and oil so the wrap doesn't trap them. The shower will also open your pores so your moisturising cream will have more effect. Dry off thoroughly after your shower.

Strip down to a disposable set of underwear. Coat your legs in a fine layer of moisturising cream (see resources below for a list of homemade moisturising cream recipes).

Wrap both your legs in cling film individually. Start at the ankle and work up to the top of your thigh. Double wrap every section of your leg to make the method more effective. Wrap it tightly enough to feel a comforting pressure, but not enough to hurt or to cause discolouration in your feet.

Moisturise your chest and midsection with a thin layer of moisturising cream. Lift your arms above your head and ask an assistant to wrap you in plastic from your mid-thighs to just under your arms. Again, the wrap should feel comfortably tight, but it shouldn't interfere with your breathing.

Moisturise your arms with a thin layer of moisturising cream and have your assistant wrap your arms. Have the assistant start at your shoulder and wrap down to the wrist. The wrap should be tight, but not painful.

Ask your assistant to carefully guide you to a safe resting place where you can lay down and stay motionless for an hour. Have your assistant bring a glass of room temperature water for you to sip while you relax.


Take a shower followed by a soak in the tub after you unwrap yourself. This will clean out toxins left in your skin by the plastic. Keep a pair of scissors nearby anytime you wrap yourself. If you begin to feel breathless or panicky while wearing the wrap, use the scissors to cut yourself free starting at the midsection.

Things You'll Need

  • Coarse shower cloth
  • Moisturising cream
  • Cling film
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