How to Make Edible Roses for Wedding Cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

Edible flowers are certainly the most popular way to decorate a cake and have been for some time. Roses are the most beautiful and popular of all icing flowers. It takes some patience and a steady hand to master the technique. Make a few practice roses before trying your hand on the final bloom.

Add food colouring to buttercream icing. For a wedding cake, the flowers are often soft hues of pink or yellow.

Add the buttercream icing to the decorating bag.

Hold the bag straight up, and press the #12 tip slightly above the nail.

Place a dot of buttercream icing in the centre of the flower nail, and put a waxed paper square on top. Turn the nail, but not the bag, after each petal.

Switch to tip #104.

Create the centre of the rose by placing the narrow end of the tip up, turning inward, so the tip is lined up slightly above the top of the cone.

Release pressure, and lift the tip.

Make an up and down motion with the tip as you turn the nail to create a half-circle-shaped upright petal. The wide end of the tip must touch the rose base at all times.

Clean your #104 tip before starting the next petal. The second petal will overlap the end of the first.

Start the third petal by overlapping the second petal.

Finish the third petal by overlapping the first.

Pull the tip toward the base to secure the petal as you finish each petal. These three petals will go entirely around the rose. The beginning of the first petal meets the end of the third petal.

Repeat four more times for four more petals, with the last petal overlapping the first. These is the middle row of petals.

Continue what you did for the middle row to make the bottom-row petals. The narrow end of the tip should lean out so the petals appear to be opening. Make seven petals with the last overlapping the first.

Remove the rose from the flower nail by lifting the waxed paper square off.

Freeze the roses before moving them to the cake.


You will be doing three things at one time: squeezing the bag, moving the tip up and rotating the nail. Have a real rose or two at hand to guide your imagination.

Things You'll Need

  • Food colouring
  • Buttercream icing
  • Decorating bag
  • Round tip #12
  • Flower nail
  • Round tip #104
  • Waxed paper
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