How to Build a Rug Twining Loom

A rug twining or rug weaving loom is used to make rag rugs. There is no set size for the loom. The size is determined by the individual and the location of the rug. Smooth 1-by-2 inch lumber and galvanised finishing nails are used to create the frame. A single long strip of fabric is wound back and forth around the finishing nails placed on two opposite ends of the rug loom. Shorter pieces of fabric are woven perpendicular to the single strip of fabric to create rag rugs.

Determine the size of the rug twining loom. For example, a medium size rug is 30-by-48 inches.

Measure, mark and cut two 1-by-2 inch boards 49 3/4-inches long and two boards 33 1/2-inches long.

Measure across the centre length of the 33 1/2-inch boards. Place the first mark 1 3/4-inches from the short edge. Place a mark every 1/2-inch across the centre of the board. Stop 1 3/4-inches away from the opposite end of the board.

Place a 3-inch galvanised finishing nail on the first mark. Drive the nail into the wood 5/8-inch. Repeat the process with every mark on the two 33 1/2-inch boards.

Lay the boards on the floor and create a rectangle 49 3/4-inches long and 33 1/2-inches wide. Place the 33 1/2-inch boards on top of the ends of the 49 3/4-inch boards to make the rectangle. Line up the edges so they are flush. Hammer two nails in each corner to hold the frame together. The frame is now ready for use.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-by-2 inch lumber
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Circular saw
  • 8 wood nails, 1 1/2 inch
  • 3 inch Galvanized finishing nails
  • Hammer
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