Instructions for a Smartplus Pressure Cooker

Written by hollan johnson | 13/05/2017

The Prestige SmartPlus Pressure Cooker can hold up to 5 litres of food in its pot. It is made of aluminium and has a locking device, two pressure settings and is dishwasher safe. It can cook at 3.63kg. of pressure or 5.44kg. of pressure. The Prestige SmartPlus Pressure Cooker also has a special pressure release valve that directs steam away from the user so as not to burn you.

Place the amount of food and water needed for your specific recipe into the Prestige SmartPlus Pressure Cooker.

Place the lid on the cooker and lock it in place. Select the pressure you want to cook the food at and place the cooker on the stove to heat up.

Adjust the pressure regulator as the Prestige SmartPlus Pressure Cooker heats up. Adjust it so the pot rocks back and forth slightly.

Remove the pressure cooker from the heat once the time required to cook your food is up. Allow the pressure cooker to cool for 12 to 25 minutes.

Release the pressure on The Prestige SmartPlus Pressure Cooker and open the lid.

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