How to walk with a maxi dress

Updated April 17, 2017

A maxi dress is a summer dress which extends well beyond the knees. Maxis are designed to be flowing and beautiful, yet comfortable enough for casual wear. It should not be difficult to walk in a maxi dress, unless you have chosen one which is too tight or too long. If you choose the proper dress, you will have a glamorous and comfortable look, and will have no problem walking.

Wear a maxi dress which is the right length. Although maxi dresses are supposed to be long, they are not supposed to cover your feet. If you are petite, your maxi dress may come down to your ankles, but should be no longer. Try the dress on before you buy it, and ensure that it is not too long.

Shorten the dress if it is too long for you to walk in. Pin the dress up in front of a mirror, and test the length by walking at home with it pinned. If it is correct, cut the required length off, and hem the dress by folding a small amount in and sewing.

Combine with the right shoes. Maxi dresses are designed primarily for summer wear, so any open-toed shoes will work. Wear a pair of strappy sandals or flip-flops if they are comfortable. For more formal occasions, wear a pair of peep-toe heels. Choose a pair of shoes which are comfortable and have some grip on the bottom to help you walk.

Give yourself room inside the dress. When you buy a maxi dress, don't pick one that's too tight, however much you want to show off your figure. A maxi dress is supposed to be an elegant dress which should allow you to move easily and comfortably. If you choose a dress that is too tight, it will hinder your movement and will be uncomfortable.

Things You'll Need

  • Full length mirror (optional)
  • Straight pins (optional)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Sewing kit (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)
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