How to Transfer UPS WorldShip Data

Updated April 17, 2017

UPS (United Parcel Service) WorldShip is a computer desktop interface to UPS that prepares all your shipping documents and updates the UPS system with declared and shipping data for tracking your orders. Transfer shipping data from the UPS WorldShip program provides links between a company information management system and UPS databases by using the export feature of the software. The address books can be directly retrieved into the corresponding fields of the integrated applications.

Download "Address Transfer" to "MyUPS.dat" file into the

"C:\UPS\WSTD\ImpExp\AddrBook" folder. Start the UPS WorldShip application. Click "Import/Export Data"and then click the "Batch Export" button.

Select "Address Transfer to MyUPS" in the "Map Name" column of the of the "Batch Export Data" window. Click the "Next" button. Click the "Save" button to save the export file.

Click "Next" in the "Import/Export Preview" window. Click "Save" to save "C:\UPS_CSV_EXPORT.csv file" to the hard drive.

Go to the UPS website ( and click "My UPS." Select "Address Book." Log into your UPS account. Select "Import Addresses." Browse to the location of the "C:\UPS_CSV_EXPORT.csv" file and select it in the "Location and Name of File" window. Select "UPS WorldShip" in the "Original File Format" window and click the "Select the Import" button.

Select "Update" in the "Import/Export Status" box to check the transfer progress. Verify the "Completed/No errors" or "Completed with errors" message to check the result of the data transfer.

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