How to Connect Hermle Clocks

Updated February 21, 2017

Hermle Clocks, founded by Franz Hermle, started making and selling clocks in 1922. Based in Germany, the company makes and sends clock movements to more than 100 countries around the world. Hermle clocks are either battery-operated quartz or mechanical. The mechanical clocks need to be wound in order to keep working.

Press the latch to release the pendulum.

Insert the AA batteries into the Hermle clock's battery compartment.

Turn either the clock hands or the knob on the back of the clock to set the time.

Hang the pendulum on the pendulum holder.

Place the enclosed key into the right winding keyhole and turn it clockwise until it stops. Place the enclosed key into the left winding keyhole and turn it clockwise until it stops. Place the key in the middle winding keyhole and turn it until it stops. Wind the clock every seven days.

Lift the chime lever up to turn the chime on and push the chime lever down to turn the chime off.

Turn the minute hand to set the time.

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