How to Make a Flickering Candle in Flash

Written by willa dunn | 13/05/2017
How to Make a Flickering Candle in Flash
Animate a candle flame using Flash. (candle image by andrey polichenko from

Flash is an Adobe product used for creating multimedia projects, including dynamic animations. Animations can be created using the Flash interface via a timeline. You can simulate the flickering flames of a candle by placing the various movements of the flame in separate spots along the timeline.

Launch Flash and create a new project. Select "File" and then "New" from the top menu. Choose "Flash File (Actionscript 2.0)" and click "OK."

Use the "Rectangle" tool from the "Tools" panel to create your candle base. Lock this layer to avoid moving it in the following steps, by clicking in the lock column. Press "F5" in column 10 of this layer to provide a total of 10 frames for the animation.

Create a new layer by clicking on the "Insert Layer" icon located beneath the timeline. Draw your candle flame. In frame 5 of this layer, press "F6" to create a keyframe. Create another keyframe in frame 10. Keyframes provide a frame in which the object can be changed.

Modify the flame drawing in frame 5. Click in frame 5 of the flame layer, and choose the "Free Transform" tool found in the "Tools" panel. Select the drawing by clicking on it, and drag down from the top to decrease the height.

Modify the flame in frame 10. Use the "Free Transform" tool again and rotate the object to the right a bit. Move it over to make sure it is still centred on the candle base.

Test your flickering candle animation by pressing "Ctrl" and "Enter." You can make further modifications to adjust the flame as you desire.

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