How to hide wires in a TV stand

Updated November 21, 2016

Numerous cables and power cords are usually necessary for electronic equipment to function, but they can often look messy and unorganised. Hanging wires interfere with the clean lines and neat appearance of a room. Television stands and home entertainment centres that group several electronic components in one space -- including the television, DVR, satellite receiver, stereo and speakers -- can to magnify the problem, with the sheer number of wires overpowering the space. Hiding all of those wires can be accomplished with some simple tricks.

Allow the TV cabinet itself to hide the wires. Cabinets with back panels can block the view of wires from multiple angles if the cabinet is placed in a corner. Run wires that extend beyond the TV stand behind other pieces of furniture to keep them out of the way and minimise their visual impact.

Sort wires and group them into bundles. Use cable ties to hold the wires together, binding wires that run in the same direction into the same bundle. Base all of the wire plug ends through a single surge protector and run that single cord to the wall socket instead of stringing cords to multiple outlets.

Take up the slack of long appliance cords if the outlet is nearby. Coil and cable tie unneeded lengths of wire near the base of the appliance. This allows the television or other electronics to help hide the wires. Take inventory of what you actually use, and detach, coil, bind and store wires to rarely used electronics in another location or in a single storage compartment of the entertainment centre.

Attach wires along shelves and baseboards and along the side, leg or other obscured part of the TV stand using hardware guides, instead of allowing the cables to hang. Nail or screw plastic bridge wire guides onto baseboards and direct wires through the mounts. Mount cup hooks or other hardware to the back or interior of the TV stand to hang bundled or coiled wires. Install PVC wire channels and ducts for spots where wires run along the floor or into corners. Versions are available with adhesive tape backing to fasten them securely into place and with exteriors that can be painted to match the room or furnishings.

Drill holes through the shelving along the back wall of your TV stand or through the back of your entertainment centre. Size the holes to accommodate the plug heads for multiple wires. Channel the wires through the holes to the back of the stand.

Things You'll Need

  • Surge protector
  • Cable ties
  • Wire bridges or guides
  • PVC channels
  • Cup hooks or alternate hardware
  • Screwdriver and small screws or hammer and nails
  • Drill and drill bit
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