How to make a necklace with cotton waxed cord

Updated April 17, 2017

Cotton waxed cord comes in a variety of colours that allows you to choose the right colour that will match your beads or your clothes. Cotton waxed cord is durable and strong, so it makes a sturdy necklace. It doesn't take long to make several of these fashionable necklaces.

Lay out the beads that you want for half of your necklace. You can use any kind of beads that you like.

Cut the cotton waxed cord to the length that you want your finished necklace to be. Remember to add the clasp to your length.

Place your pendant at this point on your design. You can choose from any number of pendant shapes if you don't already have one to work with. The pendant you choose should come with a jump ring already installed, but if yours does not, you can attach one by using 2 pairs of needle-nose pliers. Feel around the top of the jump ring for the opening where the ends of the wires come together. Position a pair of needle-nosed pliers on each side of this opening, with the opening at the top. Twist one pair of pliers toward you while keeping the other pliers stationary, sliding the ring's ends past each other rather than prying them away from each other in opposite directions. Attach the pendant and then close the jump ring by reversing the steps to open it.

Lay out the other half of your beads in reverse order as the first half. This makes your necklace even on each side of the pendant.

Thread your beads onto the cotton waxed cord in the order of your design. To keep the beads on your cotton waxed cord place a bead stop at the end of the cord.

Attach a spring end on one end of the cord. Squeeze the bottom of the spring end so it holds the string firmly. Repeat this step on the other end of the cord. A spring end looks like a spring with the a loop on one end. This is where you attach your clasp.

Attach a jump ring to the end of your clasp. A clasp comes in two pieces. Choose either one to attach first. To open a jump ring properly, feel along the outside surface of it find the place where the wires come together. Have the jump ring's opening toward the top, and position needle-nosed pliers on each side of the opening. Slide the two ends of the jump ring opening across each other to open it, don't pull the two ends away from each other. Attach the clasp and the end of the loop of your spring end that you just put on the end of your necklace.

Repeat step 7 with the other clasp. Now your necklace is ready to wear.


When choosing cotton waxed cord, the larger the number in millimetres, the thicker or bigger the product will be.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted beads
  • Pendant
  • 1 mm (3/64 inch) waxed cotton cord
  • Scissors
  • 2 Needle-nosed pliers (optional)
  • Jump ring (optional)
  • Bead stop
  • 2 spring ends
  • Clasp
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