How to Obtain Sudanese Citizenship

Updated April 17, 2017

Sudanese citizenship requirements are outlined in the Law of Sudanese Nationality and the Interim National Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan. Presently, South Sudan and North Sudan are separate countries with different statutes concerning citizenship. Despite the split, old existing laws are binding until replaced by newly enacted ones.

Utilise the naturalisation provision. Sudanese citizenship may be obtained by any foreigner who has legal residence in the country for more than five years. Also, the person applying for citizenship must be a legal adult, understand the Arabic language, is of good moral character, has committed no crimes, desires to remain in the country, renounces previous citizenship (dual citizenship is not allowed), is in good health, and declares loyalty to the country.

Obtain citizenship through the provision of marriage. A foreign woman who marries a citizen of the Sudan is eligible to obtain citizenship as long as she is married according to Sudanese Law, lives as a married couple with her husband for at least two years, and renounces her former citizenship.

Make use of the birth provision through a mother or father who is Sudanese, even though one of the parents may be a foreigner. Minors may obtain citizenship in this way or may be included upon request in the Naturalization Certificate of his parents.

Apply for citizenship through the Sudanese embassy or consular offices in your home country. The naturalisation certificate is issued only after you take an oath of allegiance after the application process. You will pay Consular Application fees and are required to undertake a test of proficiency in Arabic.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal identification
  • Passport photos
  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Proof of residency
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