Instructions for an Ikea malm bed

Updated July 20, 2017

The Swedish brand IKEA was started in 1943 by founder Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17. IKEA has since provided affordable reliable furniture to the world. The Malm series includes beds, bed side tables, dressers of all sizes, storage units, TV storage units, and occasional tables. The beds of the Malm series are available in twin, full/double, queen and king size. The Malm series has a basic simple style in many colours to suit the needs of any individual.

Place your boxed Malm bed frame on the floor of the room where it will be used. Open the box and verify that each part listed in the things needed for assembly is included. If you are missing a part, either contact the store where you purchased the bed frame or refer to IKEA customer service.

Remove the headboard from the packaging and place it where you intend the headboard of the assembled product to be, with the holes facing outward. Remove the footboard and place it on the floor where you intend the final assembled bed frame to be, with the holes facing up.

Take the four long metal threaded pins (Item #114334) and, using the provided tool (Item #113453), screw one into the centre hole on each side of both the headboard and footboard. The provided tool looks similar to a wrench with one end in a hexagon shape and the other end open in a wrench shape.

Take the six plastic feet (Item #102372) and place them into the three provided holes at the bottom of the headboard and footboard. If needed, tap lightly with the hammer to get them flush into the holes. Divide the 12 wooden dowel rods (Item # 101359) into four groups of three. Place three wooden dowel rods into the three holes at each end of both bed rails. Have a partner stand with the footboard upright and put the headboard upright against the wall. With the widest section of the bed rail upward and the flat side inward, secure the bed rails by placing the end of the wooden rods in the holes on each side of the headboard and footboard.

Grab the four semicircle fasteners (Item # 113456) and insert one correctly over the dowel rod into each end of both bed rails. Fasten each semicircle into place by using the metal threaded fasteners (Item # 114254) and tightening the fasteners in place with the circular end of the provided tool.

Attach the long metal L-shaped brackets to the inside of the bed rails by using 16 to 18, depending on the frame's size, large screws (Item #110789).

Attach one of the metal brackets (Item # 116791) to the holes in the centre of the headboard by securing it in place with large two screws (Item #110789) using a Phillips head screwdriver. Repeat this step to secure the second metal bracket to the footboard.

Attach two of the adjustable metal rails (Item # 117228) by using two small screws (Item # 117327) and fastening them loosely to the metal bracket in the headboard. Adjust the length of the rails to comfortably fit into the hole in the L-shaped bracket. Then tightly attach the opposite end to the L-shaped brackets on each side of the bed by using one small screw. Using the screwdriver, tighten the screw in the metal bracket on the headboard. Repeat this process with two metal rails on the footboard. Verify that the rails are not bowed inward or outward.

Take the small screws (Item # 117327) and tighten one to the middle of each adjustable metal rail (Item #117228) to ensure that they will stay at the length needed. Slide the remaining support rail into place by pushing metal bracket at the end of the rail into the small metal brackets (Item # 116791) in the middle of the headboard and footboard.

Fasten the 2 medium length screws (Item #105163) into the holes at the top and bottom of the middle adjustable rail by using the screw caps (Item #102267). Finally, place one medium screw through the remaining hole on each end of the bed rails and secure them in place with the screw caps.


Take your time and follow these instructions carefully to prevent any problems with assembly

Things You'll Need

  • Headboard
  • Footboard
  • 4 long metal threaded pins (Item # 114334)
  • Provided tool (Item # 113453)
  • 6 plastic feet (Item #102372)
  • Hammer
  • 12 wooden dowel rods (Item #101359)
  • 4 semicircle fasteners (Item #113456)
  • 4 metal threaded fasteners (Item #114254)
  • 2 long metal L-shaped brackets
  • 20 to 22 large screws (Item #110789)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 metal brackets (Item #116791)
  • 4 adjustable metal rails (Item #117228)
  • 12 small screws (Item #117327)
  • 8 medium screws (Item #105163)
  • 8 screw caps (Item #102267)
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