How to Cut Terracotta Sewer Pipe

Updated July 20, 2017

Before the advent and widespread use of PVC pipe, terra cotta (or clay, or ceramic) pipes were used in practically all residential and commercial plumbing systems, including sewer and septic systems. Some people still prefer to use terra cotta pipes for their sewer and septic systems. As a result, you may some day be faced with having to cut a piece of terra cotta sewer pipe if you ever have to replace a section of it.

Lay the section of your terra cotta pipe you need to cut on a work bench or flat on the ground.

Mark the area you will be cutting on your terra cotta sewer pipe with chalk to create your cutting line.

Set the pipe-cutting tool on the ground also, with the pressure screw facing up. Twist the pressure screw counterclockwise to fully extend the jaws of the cutting chain.

Place your pipe under the cutting chain, with the chain lined up with your chalk line guide.

Turn the pressure screw clockwise to tighten the cutting chain. Turn until the cutting chain cuts the terra cotta pipe.

Things You'll Need

  • Work bench
  • Chalk
  • Pipe cutting tool
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