How to Get Rid of Punky Colour Hair Dye

Updated April 17, 2017

Dying hair various colours of the rainbow can be fun, but the time comes when you want to remove the punky pinks, purples or blues and go back to a more natural hair colour. Removing these hair colours from your hair can take time and effort due to the nature of the hair colour, but once the colour is removed, a more natural looking hair colour can be applied to the hair.

Discuss your hair issue with a hair professional, because she can recommend the best way to remove the punky hair colour. Removing blue, pink, orange or red hair colour can be a tricky task that is often best left up to someone who knows how to handle it. Different textures of hair and different colours need expert treatment to remove the colour.

Purchase hair bleach at a beauty salon chain store along with some gloves and hair clips. Section your hair into various sections and follow the directions to bleach your hair of colour. The hair bleach will remove all colour from your hair, however it may change your hair orange or yellow and is harsh on your scalp.

Apply a natural looking hair colour to your hair. Use a professional brand of hair colour from a beauty supply store. Try to stay within three or four shades of your normal hair colour. The natural looking colour can be applied after bleaching your hair.

Use hair dye to dye your hair a colour darker than the punky colour. This can be a better method than bleaching your hair, especially if your hair is already dry and damaged. If you have gone pink or purple, use a shade of dark brown or black to cover the colour. This hair dye should also be purchased at a beauty supply outlet and should be a professional brand. Follow the directions on the hair dye exactly for best results.

Things You'll Need

  • gloves
  • hair bleach
  • hair dye
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