How to add a name to a headstone

Updated April 17, 2017

Losing loved ones is never easy. If the deceased specifies in his final arrangements or it is otherwise decided that your loved one is to be buried, you may choose to add his name to a previously designed headstone. Alternatively, a headstone may need more information added to it, such as an additional date, nickname or sentimental quote. If you need a name added to a headstone, this can easily be accomplished.

Call the engraver who designed the headstone and ask about the fees for adding a name to a headstone. If you do not know who did the engraving, call the funeral home who is handling your loved one's arrangements and ask for recommendations.

Make plans to visit the engraver in person. Ask to look at samples, including different font sizes, types and photos, if you wish to add one of these as well.

Obtain your estimate and ask for a written work order before proceeding. The work order should include the charge per letter or word, any costs associated with transporting the engraver or the headstone and any miscellaneous fees. Check for misspelled names or other words.

Leave your deposit or, if required, pay for the work to be done. Make sure all deadlines are clear before leaving the office and make sure the engraver knows where the headstone is located in the cemetery.

Contact the engraver shortly before the deadline to see if the work has been completed to your satisfaction. Visually inspect the headstone to ensure it meets expectations.


Be sure to double check everything that will be engraved, as misprints cannot be corrected without paying for a new headstone.

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