How to Shrink a 59Fifty New Era Hat

Updated March 23, 2017

Fitted hats have always had a tendency to be awkward and uncomfortable at first, and you have to break them in to get that worn-in look that everyone desires for in a hat. If you are in possession of a 59 Fifty hat and would like to get it shrunk to have it fit your head better, do not fear. Luckily, just applying hot water to your hat will shrink that wool that it is made out of, giving it a much more stylised fit to your head.

Turn the cap upside-down, and moisten the hat's headband with warm water. Leave it damp, but not dripping. It shouldn't be hot enough that you have a hard time wearing it.

Use the hair dryer to dry out the headband. Make sure it is completely dry from the warm water.

Place the cap on your head, and test its fit. It will shrink every time you repeat this procedure, so repeat as necessary if it is still too big on your head.


If the colour starts to run on your hat, immediately take run it through cold water and hand-dry it. NEVER dampen the whole cap. This will ruin its form and create a lumpy, unwearable hat.

Things You'll Need

  • 59 Fifty hat
  • Warm water
  • Hair dryer
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