How to Connect a Double Sink with Waste & Trap

Updated February 21, 2017

Connecting the plumbing fitments is the most difficult aspect when installing a new kitchen. Leaking pipes and faucets can cause severe damage. Once a hole is cut in the work side, the new double sink can be fitted into place. Position the sink so the water supply pipes line up with the tap tails underneath the sink. Ensure the double sink is set firmly in place and clamped to the kitchen work side before connecting to the waste pipe and water supply.

Attach waste pipe and trap. The waste pipe should bend in a "U" shape under the sink drain area. Twist the pipe so it is directly under the drain hole. Screw the plastic nut onto the thread under the drain hole. Hand tighten in a clockwise direction and fully secure with an adjustable spanner.

Attach the water supply pipes to the taps. Hand tighten the nuts and fully secure with the adjustable wrench. Ensure the water supply pipes are connected to the corresponding hot and cold taps.

Turn on the water supply and test the taps and pipes for leaks.


Use push-fit fixtures instead of nuts and thread to connect the water supply to the sink. Push-fit fittings are open-ended pipes which fit easily onto the water supply and the tap tails.


Do not cross thread the nuts that connect the waste trap and water supply. Cross threading the nuts will cause leaks and may damage the screw threads.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
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