How to wear the British DPM uniform

The British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) uniform is a soldier's main form of dress and one they'll wear for the majority of their service with the British Army. The British DPM is called the Combat Soldier 95, shortened to CS95. As the name suggests, it's camouflaged to help avoid detection in combat scenarios and is designed to be practical and comfortable whether in extreme heat or worn under warmer clothing in very cold environments.

Put on a green T-shirt or army-issued DPM shirt known as a lightweight jacket.

Climb into army-issued DPM trousers and secure with a black leather belt.

Put on a DPM army jacket, known as a field jacket, and secure the buttons at the front. A stable belt can be worn over the jacket if permission has been sought from a commanding officer. A union jack may be displayed on the lapel of the jacket if fitted.

Place an army issued beret on your head with the emblem facing forward.

Lace your boots to the top and tie them firmly. Boots should be clean and polished at all times.


If you have an air cadet patch or a tactical recognition flash, they can be worn on your field jacket or lightweight jacket. The sleeves of a CS95 lightweight jacket may be rolled to just above the elbow when on regimental orders in the summer months but must be rolled down at 1800 hours. In the winter, a heavy wool jumper may be worn over a lightweight jacket and beneath a field jacket.

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