How to Play PS2 Copied Games Without a Mod Chip

Sony designed the PlayStation 2 (PS2) gaming console for use with DVD discs encrypted with special algorithms meant to prevent the use of copied or burnt games. It was not long, however, before PS2 enthusiasts discovered a way to "mod" (modify) the firmware chip on the PS2 to bypass the encryption. Modding the firmware in a PS2 overcomes the algorithms and allows PS2 owners to play copied versions of games from burnt DVDs or even USB flash drives. Modding a PS2, though, takes a considerable amount of effort and voids the Sony warranty. Newer methods, though, make it possible to play copied game discs on the PS2 with the use of a "loader" CD.

Purchase the GameShark or Swap Magic application. You can order the application CD or download the disc image to your computer. Alternatively, download the Free PS2 McBoot utility, which is a freeware utility that performs the same functions as the GameShark or Swap Magic applications.

Open the CD/DVD burning application and burn the loader application to a blank DVD (if you did not purchase the disc version of the application or if using the Free McBoot utility).

Power off the PlayStation 2 console. Open the PS2 disc tray and insert the "Free McBoot," "GameShark" or "Swap Magic" loader disc.

Power on the PS2. Wait for the PlayStation 2 to boot to the loader disc and display the application menu screen on the TV. After the loader disc application menu appears, open the disc tray and remove the loader disc.

Insert the copied PS2 game disc and close the disc tray. Press the "X" button the PlayStation 2 controller. Load and play the game just as you would when using an original PlayStation 2 game disc.

Things You'll Need

  • Swap Magic, Game Shark or Free PS2 McBoot
  • Blank DVD-R disc
  • CD/DVD burning application
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