How to Determine the Year of a Honda Outboard

Updated April 17, 2017

Locating and interpreting a Honda outboard motor's serial identification number to determine the motor's year of manufacture can help you determine its value. Additionally, the age of a motor will have a bearing on any warranties that may be remaining. The serial identification number will reveal more important information about the motor. The model, horsepower and shaft length are all identified by the serial number, helping you to determine if the outboard motor is the best fit for your boat.

Locate the stern bracket at the rear of the motor where it attaches to the boat.

Find a metal plate with the serial identification number stamped into it. The metal plate will be on the stern bracket or nearby.

Compare the serial identification number with a Honda Motor Serial Identification Number guide available at The year code will be immediately after the horsepower designation. The year can begin with a A, D or K. For example, the serial number BF115A3LRTA means Honda, 115 Horsepower, 2003 Model, 20" shaft length, Remote Control, Tilt and Trim, American Market.


After 2006 Honda stopped putting a year of manufacture in the serial number. If your number has a "K" in the year code, it was made in 2007 or later.


Do not search for serial number or work near a hot motor.

Things You'll Need

  • Honda Motor Serial Identification Number guide.
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