Mini Cooper Dashboard Installation Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

The dashboard on your Mini Cooper is important because it houses several of your vehicle's electrical components. If the dashboard is damaged in an accident or if it becomes worn through normal wear and tear, you should consider installing a new dash. The installation process is straightforward and begins with removing the old dash. For this project, you will need a Torx screwdriver to remove the fasteners securing the dashboard to the vehicle. You will also need a socket wrench and a flathead screwdriver to pry off the old dash.

Open the Mini Cooper's bonnet and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery post using a socket wrench.

Pop out the side covers on each side of the dashboard with a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the eight screws along the top edge of the dashboard with a Torx screwdriver. Remove the dashboard top from the vehicle.

Remove all of the screws holding the rest of the dashboard in place with a Torx screwdriver. Remove the driver's side air vent with a flathead screwdriver to reveal one screw. Remove that screw with a Torx screwdriver. Repeat the process with the passenger-side air vent.

Remove the six screws from the airbag cover on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Remove the two vents around the radio with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screws underneath with a Torx screwdriver.

Remove the two bolts under the airbag cover with a socket wrench. Carefully lift off the air bag cover. At this point, you can remove the two bolts at the far top end of the dashboard, close to the windshield. Slowly pull the dashboard out of the Mini Cooper.

Place the replacement dashboard onto the vehicle. Reinstall its two screws and reattach the airbag cover and its two bolts. Install all vents and screws. Reattach the top edge of the dashboard along with the side covers or install new covers if you wish to do so. Be sure to reconnect the Mini Cooper's battery.


Disconnecting the battery by removing the negative battery cable is essential before you begin the task of removing the dashboard. If you fail to disconnect the battery, the airbags may deploy causing serious injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Replacement dashboard panels
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