How to Make Wreaths, Garland & Centerpieces

Updated February 21, 2017

Create your own wreaths and garlands to coordinate with your home's decor using silk flowers and greenery. Make wreaths to hang on your front door and garland to line a stair rail with basic tools and techniques. Look for floral supplies to make these projects at local craft and discount stores. You can use both wreaths and garland to make custom centrepieces for your dining, foyer or occasional tables.

Cut the stems from silk flowers to within 1 inch of the base of the flower. Discard the stems. Cut a 4-inch strip of floral tape for each silk flower that you plan to add to the wreath. Press a small portion of the sticky side of the tape onto a table ledge for easy access.

Place one of the flowers on the face of a foam wreath form with the stem extending away from the flower, not inserted in the foam. Tape the stem to the foam using a pre-cut strip of floral tape.

Place another flower blossom on the face of the wreath form, on top of the taped stem. Tape the stem to the wreath form.

Cover the face of the wreath form with flower blossoms, then cover the outside and inside rims. Always cover the stems with new blossoms. As the wreath becomes full, fit and tape the stems beneath the existing flower blossoms.

Gather three to five silk flower stems with greenery already attached. Tape the stems together with floral tape to make a bunch. Make at least 20 bunches for a 10 foot long garland. Alter the number of bunches based on the desired length of the garland. The length of the flower blossoms will also alter the length of the garland.

Cut a length of twine equal to the desired garland length. Stretch the twine on top of a flat surface. Place one bunch of taped silk flowers on top of one end of the twine.

Cut a 6-inch long strip of floral wire. Wire the stems of the bunch to the twine.

Lay a second bunch on top of the first so that the flowers and greenery fall just beneath the first bunch. Wire the stems to the twine.

Continue to create the length of the garland by overlapping and wiring the flower bunches to the twine.

Place a 1-foot square mirror tile in the centre of the table. Make sure that the mirror is clean and dust free.

Place a 12- to 14-inch diameter wreath over the mirror tile so that the mirror is centred beneath the wreath. The wreath should cover the edges of the tile. Center a hurricane candle holder on the mirror tile. Hurricane candle holders have a glass vase that covers the candle.

Place a pillar candle inside the hurricane lamp to complete the centrepiece.


To make a centrepiece with a 3 to 7-foot long garland, place the garland in an S formation in the centre of the table. Place hurricane candle holders in each curve of the S. For seasonal wreaths, garlands and centrepieces, substitute fresh greenery in place of the silk, but use wet floral foam to make the wreath and U hooks instead of tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Silk flower blossoms
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Foam wreath form
  • Silk flowers with greenery
  • Floral wire
  • Twine
  • Mirror tile
  • Hurricane candle holder
  • Pillar candle
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