How to Put Your Face on Another Body With a Mac

Updated July 20, 2017

Putting your face on another body can be a fun activity to do in your free time. You can place your face on another body for laughs or just for curiosity. Once you see what you look like, you can save the picture, send it to others as a joke or even post it on social networking sights such as Facebook to share with friends and family. There are a few sites that will allow you to upload a picture of your face and superimpose it on another body.

Go to FaceDub, which can be located in the References section of the article.

Download FaceDub 2.21. This is the version meant for use on a Mac.

Upload your photo to FaceDub.

Select which body you want to put your face on.

Finalise and save your photo.

Go to My Fantasy Maker, which can be found in the References section of this article.

Dowload version 5.0, which is fit for a Mac.

Open My Fantasy Maker and upload your photo.

Paste your face onto various bodies ranging from ordinary people to celebrities.

Save and share your photos via e-mail and social networking sites.

Go to Face Off Max, which can be found in the References section.

Download Face Off Max, which is the latest software for Mac users.

Upload your photo onto Face Off Max.

Browse through the bodies and select what body you want to use. You can also choose to put you and your new body on a magazine cover.

Save your photos for later use.

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