How to make a Supergirl costume at home

Updated April 17, 2017

From young girls to mature women, donning Supergirl's brightly coloured outfit is sure to evoke the super-powered fantasies of childhood. Supergirl costumes work well for fancy dress parties, and young girls will enjoy them for everyday play. This no-sew costume is easy to make and can fit Supergirl wannabes of any size. You may be able to use items you already have in your wardrobe, making it an inexpensive choice as well. For a sexier adult look, simply choose a more fitted blue top, shorter skirt and high-heeled red boots.

Cut a large "S" for Supergirl's chest emblem out of red felt. Decide how large to make the "S" based on how large the costume wearer is.

Cut a pentagon shape that is slightly larger than the "S" out of yellow felt. Glue the red "S" to the centre of the yellow pentagon.

Safety pin the pentagon to the chest of the blue shirt or leotard. For a more permanent solution, place heat-bond fabric tape between the felt and shirt and hold a hot iron on top of the felt for two minutes to create the bond.

Hold the red fabric up to the costume wearer's back to decide how large to make the cape. It should hit just above the back of the costume wearer's knees. Cut the fabric into a long trapezoid with rounded edges. The narrow end of the trapezoid will be attached to the neck.

Safety pin the cape to the inside of the shirt or leotard at the back neckline so that the cape begins on either side of the neck and flows around the back.

Put on the shirt or leotard with attached cape and the red skirt. Tie the yellow fabric around the waist and knot in the back to create a yellow belt.

Put on red boots or red knee-high socks with shoes.

Things You'll Need

  • 12.5 by 17.5 cm (5 by 7 inch) red felt
  • 12.5 by 17.5 cm (5 by 7 inch) yellow felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Safety pins
  • Long-sleeved blue shirt or leotard
  • Heat-bond fabric tape
  • 90 cm (1 yard) red fabric
  • Knee-length red skirt
  • 45 cm (1/2 yard) yellow fabric
  • Red boots or knee-high socks
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