How to Make the Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck in the World

Written by lindsay howell
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How to Make the Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck in the World
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Building a Yu-Gi-Oh! card deck requires various monster, spell and trap cards. Monster cards have attack and defence points and are used to attack other monsters or an opponent's life points. Spell and trap cards utilise effects that prevent monsters from attacking, eliminate monsters or other cards from the field and reverse other effects of cards. Building the best Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the world is not necessarily about having the most powerful monsters but how well you build your deck.

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  1. 1

    Determine what style of play you prefer; some players favour an all-out aggressively oriented deck, whereas others favour a defensive, spell- and trap-laden deck.

  2. 2

    Buy packs of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and determine which cards you want to put in your deck; having multiples of a card is fine, but building up your deck with different cards can help you win duels. Keep your deck around 40 cards for it to be the most effective.

  3. 3

    Put monster cards in your deck; some monster cards require you to sacrifice other monsters, so make sure that you have the ones that need to be sacrificed. Look carefully at the attack and defence points of your monsters; having powerful cards is useful, but if you do not put cards in your deck with high defence points, you will lose your life points more quickly and are more likely to lose duels. Some good monster cards to have are Breaker the Magical Warrior, who can counter spells, and Asura, a monster who can target all of your opponent's monsters at once.

  4. 4

    Incorporate spell and trap cards in your deck; these cards have effects that can help win duels. Some spell and trap cards will eliminate a player's monster cards from the field, whereas others will allow you to control your opponent's monsters. Read the description of each card carefully so you know how the card is used in play. Some particularly effective spell and trap cards are Lightning Vortex and Mirror Force, which can both destroy an opponent's attacking monster.

  5. 5

    Keep your deck balanced. You do not want too many monsters and not enough spell and trap cards, but you also do not want too many spells and traps with not enough monsters to attack your opponent.

  6. 6

    Duel other players to determine the effectiveness of your deck. If you lose, try to determine the cause. You might not have enough spell or trap cards to prevent your opponent's attacks or your monster card might not have a high enough attack or defence.

Tips and warnings

  • While you might not have the best Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the world, playing with the deck that is the best for you will help you win.
  • Some cards, such as the Egyptian God cards, are banned from tournament play.

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