How to Debone a Turkey Leg

Updated April 17, 2017

Enjoying turkey isn't just for special occasions like Thanksgiving. If you've been to a carnival, amusement park or a rennaissance fair, you've probably seen people enjoying massive turkey legs. If you are looking to make a dish using the juicy dark meat of the turkey leg, but don't need or want the bone, it's fairly simple to remove the bone and cook the turkey leg meat as you desire.

Remove the legs from the turkey by pulling outwards, if you bought a whole turkey. Run a sharp knife around the turkey leg where it is attached to the breast. Gently tug off the turkey leg, using the knife to detach it from the joints. Alternatively, you can purchase individual turkey legs.

Cut a slit down the turkey leg starting at the thigh all the way down to the exposed part of the leg bone.

Carefully insert the knife into the slit, and slide it underneath the bone and cut any connections. Remove the bone.

Cut around the joint that held the thigh bone and the leg bone together to remove as much meat as possible from the bone. Remove the leg bone.


You can flatten and roll the deboned turkey meat for a stuffed or rolled turkey dish.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp boning knife
  • Cutting board
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