How to Use a Sony Handycam With the PS3

Written by bryan roberts | 13/05/2017

The Sony Handycam records video and still images. The Handycam's USB cable allows the camcorder to interact with PCs and other devices with USB ports. To use it with the PlayStation 3, however, you must make use of the Handycam's Memory Stick slot. Through this device, the Handycam can transfer data to the PS3.

Press the "Record" button on your Handycam while the device is in Memory Stick mode to record data to the memory stick. Press the "Stop" button when you are done recording.

Remove the Memory Stick Pro Duo from your Handycam and insert it into the Memory Stick slot on the Memory Stick USB adaptor.

Connect the USB end of the memory stick to an available USB port on your PS3. Turn your PS3 on.

Select the "Video" option in your PS3 main menu and select the icon for your Memory Stick in your video menu. You can now see the videos from your Handycam in your PS3 menu.

Things you need

  • Memory Stick USB adaptor

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