How to Replace Drive Belt on a Murray Riding Lawn Mower

Updated February 21, 2017

The mower drive belt on a Murray lawnmower is a rubber belt wrapped around a series of pulley located above the mower housing. When the lawnmower is turned on, this pulley will spin, causing the lawnmower to propel forward and rotate the cutting blades. It is important to check the condition of this belt at least once per year, usually at the beginning of the cutting season. If it looks worn and cracked, it should be replaced.

Drive the Murray lawnmower to a flat surface. Turn off the engine and engage the parking brake. Move the blade rotation control to "disengage."

Remove the mower housing and pull it out from underneath the lawnmower. Use one hand to pull the belt retainer away from the idler pulley and the other hand to pull the belt off the pulley. Repeat this process with both mandrel pulleys and the old belt will be removed.

Pull the belt retainer away from the right mandrel pulley. Wrap the new belt around the pulley. Make sure that the pointed "V" side of the belt is snug against the pulley.

Position the belt between the belt retainer and left mandrel pulley. Repeat with the idler pulley. Push the mower housing back underneath the lawnmower and reinstall it.

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