How to attach drapery hooks to curtain rings

Updated February 21, 2017

Using curtain rings to suspend pinch-pleated drapes is an contemporary technique that creates a functional and interesting window treatment. Drapery pin hooks are S-shaped pieces of wire, sharpened on one end to securely suspend heavy drapes on a specialised traverse curtain rod. By attaching the hooks to curtain rings, the drapes may be hung on a wide variety of decorative rods. Installation of the hooks onto the rings is a simple process that takes only seconds.

Install the drapery hooks on the back of your drapes before attaching the hooks to the curtain rings. Lay the drapes on a flat surface, facedown. Hold the top edge of the first pleat in one hand and the pin hook in the other. Push the sharpened end of the pin hook directly into the base of the back of the pleat and guide the point toward the top of the drape. The hook will catch several layers of fabric. Push the pin until the first bend in the hook is flush with the bottom of the pleat.

Attach a hook to the back of each pleat, making sure to insert the pin at the same part of the pleat. This will ensure that the draperies hang evenly.

Hold the curtain ring in one hand and the first pleat in the other. Thread the blunt end of the pin hook through the small eyelet on the bottom of the curtain ring. Attach a curtain ring to each pin hook. Once all of the rings are attached, the rings may be threaded onto your curtain rod to hang your drapes.

Things You'll Need

  • Drapery pin hooks
  • Eyelet curtain rings
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