How to Watch Movies Online Through a Nintendo Wii

Updated March 23, 2017

As of January 2011, the Nintendo Wii comes standard with free wireless Internet capabilities, which means you can watch movies online. The only legitimate and safe way to watch online movies is through Netflix, which you can download and use with your Wii if you have a Netflix account. Once you install and activate Netflix on your Wii, you can begin browsing through the multiple movie categories and select the movie you wish to see.

Turn on your Nintendo Wii. The Wii menu will appear. Click the "Wii" button in the lower left side of the screen.

Click "Wii Settings" and go to page two in the settings. Select "Internet." Choose "Connection 1" and select "Wireless Connection." Click "Search for an Access Point" and "OK."

Select your wireless network. Enter a password if your network requires one. Click "OK" and "Save Settings." Click "Yes" if you are prompted to update the console. After the console is updated, you will return to the Wii menu.

Click the "Wii Shop Channel." Agree to the terms and conditions and link your Club Nintendo account if you have one. If you don't have a Club Nintendo account, click "Do not link." The main "Wii Shop" menu will appear.

Select "Wii Channels." Click "Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii." Download the application by clicking "Free 0 Wii Points."

Return to the main Wii menu. Once the Netflix application has downloaded, it will automatically install and appear on the Wii menu.

Click the Netflix application. The Netflix Wii activation page will appear with an activation code. Visit the Netflix activation page (see Resources) on your computer. Enter your Netflix e-mail and password. Enter the activation code. Netflix will configure and activate on your Wii and the Wii main menu will appear again.

Select the Netflix application again on your Wii. This time, the main Netflix page will appear. Browse through the categories of movies and play your desired movie.


"Connection 1" should have "None" displayed next to it. If it does not, click the connection and then click "Clear Settings."

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