How to run a bingo night for fundraising

Updated April 17, 2017

Fundraising is one way to raise money for a cause, organisation, club or business. A bingo night is an easy way to conduct a charity collection that also has affordable start-up costs and appeals to many age groups. Additionally, you can give out extra prizes at the event on top of the prizes won during each round of bingo. If you supply the right prizes and free food, your bingo night raffle tickets should sell with no problem.

Choose a facility for your fundraiser event. Ideally, this will be a place that holds many people, provides a comfortable atmosphere and has enough space for multiple long tables and possibly a banquet area. Churches, public facilities, cafeterias and recreation centres are good ideas for your bingo night fundraiser.

Pick prizes to entice guests to buy tickets for the event. Consider giving half the profits to charity and the other half to prizes. These can be cash prizes or gifts. Seek out help from local businesses and advertisers who might sponsor the event by offering gift cards, merchandise or other prizes in exchange for free advertising.

Find long banquet tables either through a church or school cafeteria. Party suppliers also have tables and other equipment such as chairs, podiums and loudspeakers.

Rent bingo equipment for the evening. You will need raffle tickets, bingo cards, bingo markers, bingo machines and a ball roller. You can find stores online through a search or contact a local bingo hall to see if it is possible to borrow or rent the equipment for an evening.

Seek volunteers from your community. You need people to work the box office, call out numbers from the bingo machine and help set up for and coordinate the event. They also act as advertisers for your fundraisers by wearing colourful shirts with your fundraiser's name.

Advertise through newspapers, radio stations, flyers, social networking websites and word-of-mouth. Spread news of your event around locally and share information about the cause you plan to raise money for. Include prize offers, date and time and location.

Sell raffle tickets as you advertise. Set up a table or booth at a school, church, business or mall. Make sure to get approval before setting up shop. Offer the tickets at the best price to split prizes and funds for your cause, but also make sure that they are not overpriced for your target market group.

Things You'll Need

  • Banquet tables
  • Bingo machine
  • Ball roller
  • Food and drinks
  • Bingo cards
  • Bingo markers or dabbers
  • Scorecards
  • Raffle tickets
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