How to adjust a jayco slide out

Updated March 28, 2017

Jayco trailers and RVs are available in pop-ups; small, hard-shell, towable trailers; fifth-wheel-style campers and motorhome coaches. Certain models of Jayco trailers come equipped with slide-outs. These slide-outs retract and extend out to give the camping cabin extra space. Jayco equips these slide-out campers with electric switch controls to adjust and move the slide-outs.

Park the trailer on a flat parking space. Level the camper. If it is a towable trailer, unhitch the trailer from the tow vehicle.

Move all interior equipment to accommodate the slide-out's movements. Grip the slide-out controls, typically housed in a panel on the exterior of the trailer. Press the "Slide-Out" lever to begin moving the slide-out from the trailer. Let the slide-out move to the fully extended position. Jayco does not recommend keeping slide-outs partially extended.

Lock the slide-outs into position at the slide-out hitch locks.

Unlock the hitches and press the lever on the controls to retract the slide-out when you are done camping, being sure to move all interior gear and equipment so the slide-out will not harm it or be restricted by it.

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