How to make a simple cat trap

Cats are ubiquitous animals and, depending on your perspective, can be considered pets or pests. It may be necessary to corral a pesky neighbouring cat or capture your own cat -- for that dreaded trip to the vet. Knowing how to humanely and quickly trap a cat is a useful skill for a pet owner or anyone who considers cats to be pests.

Catching that sly little feline can be accomplished by employing an expensive cat trap or by following simple steps to build a home-made cat trap. Simple steps to follow and simple materials is all that you need.

Tie a 10-inch string to the middle of the inside top of the crate and attach the bait you've selected to the other end of the string. There should be approximately 5 inches of string between the top of the crate and the bait.

Tie a string to the bait and allow about 14 inches to hang free.

Prop up the crate on one end with the stick, allowing the bait to dangle. Take the end of the dangling string, pull it tight and position it between the crate and the top of the stick. When the bait is disturbed, the string will cause the stick and the crate to fall, trapping the cat inside.


If you use a box other than a milk crate, be sure it is vented. Also be sure that the trap is check regularly: Don't inadvertently subject the cat to inclement weather while it is in the trap.

Things You'll Need

  • Milk crate or similar vented box
  • 8-inch stick
  • String
  • Bait
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