How to defrost frozen bananas for banana cake

Updated April 17, 2017

Freezing bananas allows you to preserve them for much longer than simply keeping them at room temperature. You can either freeze the bananas whole (in which case the peels will turn completely brown in the freezer) or peel them and slice them before you freeze them. The thawed bananas will be squishy, mushy and slimy, making them a bad choice for eating raw or dishes like fruit salad. They will still be flavourful, however, and work very well in baked dishes such as banana cake.

Remove the frozen bananas or banana chunks from the freezer. Separate the amount you need (such as three bananas or 1 cup of banana chunks) from the rest, and return any you will not use to the freezer.

Place the bananas or banana chunks into a container with fairly high edges; use a bowl, for example, rather than a flat plate. The bananas will leak quite a bit as they thaw. Catching this liquid serves two purposes: it prevents a mess and retains the liquid, which you should then add to the recipe.

Leave the frozen bananas or banana pieces out at room temperature until they thaw completely. If you are using whole bananas, remove and discard the peels. Add the thawed bananas or banana pieces to the recipe, along with any resulting liquid.

Things You'll Need

  • High-edged container
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