How to Sell Your Mobility Scooter

Updated February 21, 2017

Mobility scooters provide versatile powered transport over smooth and slightly uneven terrain. This makes the scooters especially attractive for outside activities such as walking path tours or shopping trips. The scooters commonly feature three or four wheels and a handlebar steering mechanism similar to that of a bicycle. Some users select portable scooters that pack into a vehicle boot and are retrieved for later use. A mobility scooter's owner, or her family, commonly sells the mobility aid when she no longer needs it.

Prepare the mobility scooter for sale. Clean and polish your scooter before you offer it for sale. Ask a qualified mechanic to verify that the scooter is mechanically sound and all components are in good or better condition. Locate a mechanic through your scooter dealership, or contact a small engine mechanic in your city or town. Ask him to service the scooter at your home or office if necessary.

Sell the scooter to a dealer. Contact local mobility scooter dealers, including the store at which you purchased the scooter. Ask the facility to purchase the scooter for refurbishment and resale to another customer. Research prices for new and used scooters before making your proposal; this allows you to better evaluate the store's offer. Consider a consignment arrangement if the dealer is not receptive to the purchase option.

Call your Area Agency on Aging. The United States Department of Health and Human Services maintains a nationwide office network to help seniors navigate assistive technology issues. These offices, commonly called Area Agencies on Aging, employ knowledgeable facilitators who often help clients obtain low-cost mobility aids. Contact your local office, and ask if staff can assist you in selling your mobility scooter to a program client.

Contact county senior services offices. Senior citizen-focused services, including senior activity centres, often operate under the auspices of a county social services department or county department of ageing. Approach your county's senior services administrator, and ask the agency to purchase your mobility scooter for residents' use at a local centre. If that is not feasible, ask the administrator for permission to distribute "For Sale" flyers at local centres.

Place a newspaper classified ad. Write a newspaper classified ad that clearly illustrates the mobility scooter's features and benefits. Include the scooter's model number, engine and battery information. Mention enhancements that may increase the scooter's value. Bring cosmetic defects such as scratches or a missing knob to potential buyers' attention. Set a realistic price given the scooter's age and estimated remaining useful life. Complete the purchase privately.

Deliver the scooter to the new owner. An institutional buyer can likely pick up the newly purchased mobility scooter using facility-owned transportation. You may be asked to deliver the scooter if no appropriate transport vehicle is available. Offer to deliver the scooter to a private buyer. Provide all manuals, and answer operational questions, when you transfer the scooter to the new owner.


A dealer or institutional purchase can involve paperwork delays as the sale goes through proper channels. Ensure that your scooter ownership documents are complete to avoid additional bottlenecks.

Things You'll Need

  • Scooter cleaning materials
  • List of local mobility scooter dealers
  • Ad rates and copy for newspaper classified ad
  • Written scooter price range information
  • Scooter manuals
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