How to Photo Transfer With Mod Podge

Updated April 17, 2017

Mod Podge is an ideal material for getting images to stick to the surface of a craft project. It's a substance that's similar to glue, yet it dries clear and hard. Many kinds of items work well with Mod Podge, including your beloved photos, which you can secure to a craft project using a simple technique and the Paper Mod Podge formula. Mod Podge is inexpensive and you can find it at most craft stores.

Sand the surface onto which you'll apply the photo to create a smooth surface that will help the Mod Podge stick evenly. Use low-grit sandpaper and wipe away any dust with a rag.

Pour a dollar coin-size amount of Mod Podge onto a paper plate.

Coat the sanded surface with a thin layer of Paper Mod Podge. Use a paint brush.

Coat the back of the photo you're transferring with a thin layer of the Mod Podge. Press it to the prepared craft surface before the Mod Podge has a chance to dry.

Cover the entire surface of the craft, including the photo, with another layer of Paper Mod Podge. Let it dry for about two hours before handling it.


Open a door or window if fumes from the Mod Podge become too intense.

Things You'll Need

  • Sandpaper, low grit
  • Rag
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brush
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