How to Log a Swann DVR for DHCP Access

Updated March 23, 2017

Swann is an Australian home and business security company that sells Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and indoor/outdoor security cameras. The Swann DVR monitors your home or business with security cameras to record any suspicious activities. Dynamic Host Protocol, or DHCP access, assigns dynamic IP addresses to your network or device. Each time you log a Swann DVR for DHCP access, you are assigned a different IP address when you connect to a network. You can log a Swann DVR for DHCP access by configuring your Swann DVR's settings.

Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port on your Swann DVR.

Press "Menu," "Network & Internet" and then press "Network Connection" on your Swann DVR remote.

Select "DHCP" in "Network Type" and then type in your IP address in "IP Address."

Press "Menu," "Network & Internet" and then press the second option, "Service Ports and DDNS." Leave the web service port number to 80. This is the factory default.

Open Internet Explorer and then type in your Default Gateway in the "Address bar." The address is You are redirected to "Port Range" and you need to configure some options in this section.

Type "DVR1" into the "Application" field, type "80" in "Start" and "End" and then enter your IP address in "IP Address" fields. Check "Enable" and then save your settings.

Visit an IP lookup website to retrieve your Internet IP address (see Resources). You need your Internet IP address to login to a Swann DVR.

Copy and paste your Internet IP address in Internet Explorer and then press "Enter" to log a Swann DVR for DHCP access.

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