How to Make Paper Sashes for Girls

Paper sashes can create hours of pretend play fun for little girls. Caregivers can assemble these sashes easily or use the craft as an afternoon children's activity so that each girl can decorate her sash as she pleases.

Measure the span of the sash-wearer's arms. Double this measurement and cut a three-inch wide strip of construction paper equivalent to this measurement. If you do not have paper this long, cut several three-inch wide strips and join them together with clear tape or white craft glue. For a thicker and sturdier sash, cut a six-inch wide strip of paper as long as the double measurement and fold the paper in half. Glue the edges opposite the fold together and press firmly along the length for one minute.

Lay the long strip of paper on a flat surface and lay a long, thin feather boa along one edge. Staple the feather boa along the length of the top edge of the paper. Repeat this step for the bottom edge.

Fold the strip in half to find the middle of the sash, but try not to crease the paper. Use gold foil or colourful stickers to spell out phrases on one half of the sash. You can also paint the letters. Continue decorating the paper sash with glitter, paint and stickers.

Cut a triangle out of the bottom of the sash to create a fishtail edge that resembles a ribbon. Repeat this step on the other edge.

Join the ends of the long strip of paper together with a stapler or glue.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • White craft glue
  • 2 feather boas
  • Stapler
  • Gold foil or coloured letter stickers
  • Glitter
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