How to Craft a Wire Heart

The heart is a symbol that is universal to nearly everyone. Giving heart shaped gifts is appropriate for Valentine's Day, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just to say "I love you." Craft a heart shaped ornament for your loved one, use it on your Christmas tree or as a sun catcher in the window. Choose wire and beads to match holiday themes or modify the size of the design to be appropriate for earrings or a pendant on a necklace.

Wrap the 18 gauge wire around the cookie cutter very tightly. Using the butter knife, force the wire into the top crease of the heart to mould the exact shape.

Cut the wire, leaving an extra 2 inches on the end. Twist the end of the wire back onto the heart shape with the jewellery pliers. When the end is secure, cut off any excess with the wire cutters. Remove the shape from the cookie cutter.

Attach the smaller gauge wire to one side of the wire heart frame. Secure with the jewellery pliers.

Wrap the wire across the heart shape in any direction that you choose. With the pliers, press where the wires crosses each other to make it secure. Keep wrapping the wire over and under the heart in other directions, securing it each time.

Thread beads on the wire as you go. If you want the beads to move, leave them as is. If you want the beads to be stationary, twist or crimp the wire just before and just past the beads so they cannot move.

Cut the end of the wire and secure it to the heart frame with the pliers when you are finished wrapping.

Repeat this process with different colours of wire and beads if you want to add more visual interest.

Tie a ribbon to the top for hanging.


Loop a chain or black cord through the top of your heart to make a necklace. Attach ear wires to two smaller wire hearts to make earrings.

Things You'll Need

  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Butter knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewellery pliers
  • 18 gauge craft wire in any colour
  • 24 or 20 gauge craft wire in any colour
  • Beads in assorted colours
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