How to stop hair from clogging bath plugholes

Updated February 06, 2018

You step into the bath for a morning shower and within a few minutes you're standing in several inches of soapy water because your plughole is blocked -- yet again. Cleaning out a clogged plughole and waste pipe can be a disgusting job, especially when the cause of the clog is a clump of hair. The best way to avoid having to perform this unpleasant task is to prevent the blockage in the first place. Keeping your plughole clear only takes a few minutes and saves you the annoyance, and possible damage, that comes from a blocked pipe.

Install a hair catcher or screen for your plughole. Most DIY or hardware shops carry these screens, which attach over the plughole with suction to prevent hair from going down the pipe. Clean the catcher after each shower.

Brush your hair before showering to remove loose strands. While it's inevitable to lose strands of hair while shampooing, brushing beforehand can reduce the number of hairs that fall out.

Collect the hairs while you shampoo. It may sound strange, but while you shampoo and condition, do your best to hang on to the hairs that fall out and put them on the side of the bath or shower enclosure. When you've finished showering, throw the clump of hairs away.

Clean your plughole monthly to remove hair or other debris that could cause a clog. Avoid toxic commercial drain cleaners. Instead pour about three-quarters of a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a half cup of vinegar down the drain. Cover the drain for approximately 30 minutes, until you no longer hear the soda fizz, then pour 6 to 8 cups of boiling water down the plughole to rinse away the bicarb and any remaining debris.

Things You'll Need

  • Plughole cover or hair catcher
  • Hairbrush
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Vinegar
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