How to make a tripod stand out of sticks

Updated April 17, 2017

A tripod stand is a useful item with many applications in the home, in the garden and for hobbies. In the home a tripod can be used as a plant stand while out in the garden tripod shapes make ideal trellises for growing peas and other climbing plants. A customised tripod is simple to make using sticks, and has the advantage of being the exact size needed. When made out of found sticks, it is also kind to the environment.

Place the three sticks that will form the tripod side by side, and tie the rope or string around one of the outside sticks using a clove hitch. Place the knot in the position where you want the tripod sticks to cross.

Wrap the string around all three sticks to loosely bind them together. Keep the wraps fairly loose so that a little gap is between each stick. The gap needs to be big enough to pass the rope between the sticks. Make seven or eight wraps to keep the sticks securely lashed together.

Feed the end of the string between two of the sticks, and wrap it around the string that forms the lashing wraps. Make two tight turns around the string in the first gap, then move onto the second gap between the sticks and make another two tight turns. These turns around the rope or string itself are called frapping turns. Their purpose is to hold the string firmly in place and allow the tripod sticks to move at the same time.

Tie another clove hitch around one of the outside sticks to finish. The tripod can now be stood upright and the sticks opened out to form the stand.


Straight sticks are easier to work with, but bent or gnarled sticks can add interest if the tripod is to be used indoors. Tripods can be any size or length. Try making mini tripods, tied with crochet cotton or embroidery thread, to act as tabletop paintbrush or pen rests.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 straight sticks
  • Rope or string
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