How to Make a Mother's Day Card With Teacup

When Mother's Day comes around, instead of sending the same old generic card, make a card from scratch. Whether you're hosting a tea party for Mother's Day or simply want to make a card that's undeniably feminine, make a card using scrap book card stock and real tea bags to look like a real tea cup.

Draw out the shape of the card, the tea cup and any designs like flowers, hearts and lettering on your scrap book card stock paper. Colour in or draw more designs with coloured pencils. Carefully cut out the shapes, designs and lettering.

Fold the card in half like a book. Fold the card so it's closed and the front is facing you. Assemble the Mother's Day card's front by gluing the tea cup and designs to the card. When gluing the tea cup, only glue the along the border. Leave the centre and where the cup opening is, to make a pocket.

Cut ribbon and coloured string to add embellishments to the edges of the card and tea cup. Keep the designs simple and clean. Too much can become too busy.

Slip the tea bag into the pocket of the paper tea cup. Hang the tag and string from the edge of the cup. If the tag's string is too long, simply tuck a little more into the tea cup pocket.

Open the card and write your Mother's Day message inside. Glue more ribbon and string embellishments. Glue paper flowers and hearts around your message. Sign your name and close the card.

Cut a small slit into side the card where it opens.The slit should be near the edge of the paper. Cut through the front and back. Thread a ribbon through the slit and tie into a bow. This will keep the card closed until your mother is ready to open it and read your message.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Card stock for scrap booking
  • Craft knife or cutting tool
  • Glue or hot glue
  • Coloured string
  • Ribbon
  • Tea bag
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