How to get rid of a sty on the eyelid of my dog

Updated April 17, 2017

A sty can develop on the inside or outside of eyelids. Styes are the symptom of a clogged pore around the eye. As bacteria and goes the infection becomes worse. You might notice a wart-like bump on your dog's eye one day and then a larger cyst-like sty on the eye. It will be swollen, red and tender to touch. At this point it is time to relieve your pet and drain the sty.

Keep the area clean. Wash the dog's face with warm water and soap daily until the sty goes away. If the dog is prone to heavy eye drainage then wash in the morning and at night. The important detail is to keep debris from building up around the already infected eyelid.

Gather a clean hand towel and soak it in warm water. Ring out the towel so it is not sopping wet. Test the temperature of the towel on the inner part of your arm.

Hold and apply pressure to the sty on the dog's eye. Hold for 60 seconds or until the hand towel is no longer warm.

Repeat step 3 until the infection has drained out of the eye. You will know when it has drained from either seeing the pus drain out or the inflamed portion of the eyelid has gone down. Do this hot compress treatment twice a day to unclog the inflamed pore.

The sty should go away within a week when you apply the hot compress daily and keep the eyes clean.


Use a clean hand towel for each hot compress treatment. Have a friend help you keep the dog still when applying the warm towel.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand towel
  • Warm water
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