How to make Las Vegas showgirls' sostumes

Updated July 20, 2017

When people think of Las Vegas, they often think of showgirls. Showgirls wear amazing, decorative costumes and headdresses in dance shows. Their glamorous look makes a fun idea for themed parties or Halloween, but buying a showgirl costume can often be expensive. It is possible to make your own showgirl costume for a much lower cost. Just keep in mind that showgirl outfits bare a lot of skin; if you are comfortable with that, you'll find the costume itself isn't too hard to make.

Choose a bikini in a colour you like that you don't mind ruining.

Glue some beaded necklaces in layers to the top of the bikini. Set it aside to dry.

Glue more of the beaded necklaces in layers to the bottom of your bikini. Glue the ends of the necklaces, but not the middle to create a skirt-like effect. Put some necklaces aside to wear around your neck.

Glue a row of feathers to the back of your bikini bottoms so they fan out like a peacock tail. Leave some feathers aside for later. Set the bikini bottoms aside to dry.

Pin your hair up with just a few strands hanging down to frame your face. Fit the tiara into the front of your hair.

Take the leftover feathers and fit them into the back of your hair, once again mimicking a peacock tail.

Wear flesh-coloured stockings to give your legs added shine. Stick on a big, fake belly button ring, or if you have a real one, choose one that is shiny and glittery. Put on tall, colourful heels.

Wear make-up that is bright and heavy on the eyeliner. Add long white gloves and a feather boa and remember to smile.


Choosing feathers and beads in complimentary colours will make your outfit stand out even more.

Things You'll Need

  • Bikini
  • Beaded necklaces
  • Feathers
  • Feather boas
  • Flesh-coloured stockings
  • Long white gloves
  • High-heeled shoes
  • Tiara
  • Hair pins
  • Fabric glue
  • Belly button ring (optional)
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