How to Make Fuchsia Paint

Updated March 23, 2017

Creating the colour fuchsia can make the difference between using the correct colour in the correct context and substituting the colour and therefore possibly ruining the painting. Fuchsia is a complex colour, but it can be made by combining primary and complementary colours that every professional and new artist should have. There are two significant ways to make the colour fuchsia. Making the fuchsia paint can help you create a new colour out of old ones.

Add three drops of Prussian blue to the palette, and then add two drops to the blue.

Add three drops of Cadmium yellow medium onto the blue and white mixture, and then mix the three colours together.

Add three drops of Alizarin crimson to the newly green mixture, and then mix the four colours together to form a deep fuchsia colour.

Add three drops of pink to the palette.

Add three drops of purple to the palette, and then mix the two colours together. The two colours will form a standard fuchsia.

Include grey or white to darken or lighten the fuchsia, respectively. Add one drop of white or grey to the mixture, and then combine the three colours together. If you have the colour that you want, then you are finished. Add another drop of grey or white if you want a darker or lighter tone.


You can also substitute red with pink to get a darker and richer fuchsia.

Things You'll Need

  • Palette
  • Paintbrush
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