How to Connect a USB Headphone Headset to a PS3

Unmodded versions of the PlayStation 2 do not support the use of USB headphones or headsets. Therefore, most PlayStation 2 owners must use proprietary PS2 headphones that often provide less fidelity than do USB units. With the PlayStation 3, however, Sony updated the USB firmware for the new game console, and the PS3 works seamlessly with virtually all USB headphones or headset/microphone combos. Connecting a set of USB headphones to a PS3 is easy and only takes a minute or two.

Turn off the PlayStation 3 console. Insert the USB connector for the headphones into one of the USB ports on the PS3.

Turn on the PlayStation 3, then insert a game disc into the DVD drive. Wait for the game to load.

Press the "O" button on the controller to display the menu browser. Press the down-arrow key on the controller to scroll to the "Settings" menu option, then press the "X" key.

Scroll to the "Accessory Settings" option and press the "X" key. Move the cursor to the "Audio Device Settings" menu option, then press the "X" key.

Ensure the "Input Device" and "Output Device" display the name of your USB headset device. If your USB headset does not show up, turn off the PS3 and restart the process.

Speak into the microphone of the headset. Use the arrow keys and the "Microphone Level" option on the screen to adjust the sound level for the microphone volume output.

Use the volume control slider on the headset headband or cable to adjust the volume of the headphones. Press the "O" button until you return to the game menu. You can now use the headset while playing games on your PS3.

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