Bosch Front-load Washer Troubleshooting

Updated November 21, 2016

Bosch home appliances include coffee machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers. Bosch front-loading washing machines are available in compact and full-size models, and in a variety of finishes. The washers offer several options, including cycles for exercise items, baby items, dark-coloured items and large linens. The washers will work well under most circumstances. If there is a problem, some troubleshooting can help determine the source and possibly solve the problem as well.

Verify that the Bosch front-loading washer is connected to a working power supply if it does not function at all. Reset the circuit breaker or fuse if necessary.

Press and hold "Start/Pause" for 5 seconds to deactivate the Child Lock feature, if the buttons on the display do not work. If the washer is mid-cycle, wait for the cycle to complete before pressing buttons other than "Stop/Cancel" button.

Press "Start/Pause" if you have selected a cycle but the washer has not started the cycle. The cycle will not start until you press "Start/Pause."

Open the washer door and check that items are not stuck between the drum and the door, if the door will not close or if "Check Door" is displayed on the control panel. Remove any obstructing items, and shut the door firmly.

Check the water line and straighten it if necessary, if the washer is not filling with water. Check that the water valve is turned on, and clean the water inlet screen as needed.

Examine the washer for possible leaks if "AquaStop Activated" appears on the display. Resolve the leak and check that all connections are tight before resuming use.

Check the drain and water-inlet hose and clear any obstructions if "E13" appears on the display.

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