Assembly Instructions for a Cot Bed

Written by david shaw | 13/05/2017

A cot is a portable, fold-out bed. When travelling with children, hotel cots can be used to sleep on rather than crowding everyone on the bed. Cots fold together providing easy storage and travel. Unfolding the cot from its stored position will allow you to rest comfortably in the outdoors when camping. Many cots are made of aluminium, making them lighter for easier transport and storage.

Unhook the strap holding the cot together in the stored position.

Unfold the cot with the legs of the cot pointing up towards you. Use your hands to grab each end of the cot and pull the ends away from each other.

Pull the legs of the cot out from underneath the cot frame. Grab the cot leg located at the end of the cot frame using your hand. Pull the leg away from the frame. Repeat this step to pull out the remaining legs of the cot frame.

Unfold the cot fabric support by grabbing each side of the cot bed frame and pull the sides away from each other. This will extend the legs to an "X" position and flatten the cot frame.

Wrap the loops of the cot support fabric around the corners of the cot frame to stretch the fabric and keep it flat. Some models of cots include a leg-locking mechanism. Press the lock down against the frame leg until it clicks indicating it is locked.

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